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Outdoor Retailer Show 2015

At the Klecker Knives booth, we had a blast at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City! It was awesome to see the positive response to our new KLAX product. It’s more than an ax! Check it out!


With my contract with FreeRange coming to an end, I’m now available to take other work. If you have a project that needs engineering work, let me know by contacting me via one of the methods on my contact page.


I now work part time for FreeRange PDX. Can you say, “Dream job” ??

FreeRange, part of Leatherman Tool Group, is an idea factory. It’s a fun, creative space with amazing people. I love it. Thanks for letting me CAD it up with you, FRPDX!

Moving to Utah

Good-bye, AVX! It has been a good two-year run. I loved learning about capacitors and working with some of the best engineers I’ve met.

Now I’m looking for part-time work. I’m thinking CAD! You think it up, I’ll design it!


I am now happily employed at AVX Tantalum, a capacitor manufacturer in Biddeford, Maine. I’m working as a Process Engineer and like it so far. The field is new to me and technically challenging, which is great. Electrochemical engineering is my main topic of study.

The Marvelous East Coast

I now have a permanent address in Portland, Maine, and that is an exciting thing.

I have been “off the grid” for a few weeks as my husband and I drove across the country. It was inspiring to see our beautiful country and May was the perfect time for the drive. After the epic drive, I’m so glad we are living in Maine. It’s amazing to be right on the ocean.

I’m now continuing my search for employment. Please check out my resume and my past work as described on this site. Feel free to email me with any job opportunities or leads (Contact page). And, thanks!

Moving to Maine

I have a challenge: finding a new job.

My husband and I are moving to Portland, Maine at the end of April 2012. So, I am currently looking for employment opportunities in the area.

Although my background is in product design, I have been able to participate in many different job functions at Leatherman, my current employer, and in past internships. This includes manufacturing engineering, new product development, R&D, Continuous Improvement, automotive, and composite structures.

I’m looking for a job where I can grow and learn. Please see my resumè page for more information about me.


Ruling the World

Despite popular belief that engineers are socially awkward, nervous types, we may have some advantages you don’t yet know about.

Access to insider information: We have a lot of information right at our fingertips. We are experts at sifting through long, horrible documents for that one gem. We can tell you the fastest, cheapest, most efficient way to do almost anything…and you don’t even have to ask. We usually like to volunteer that kind of stuff.

Love of all things mechanical: If you have a problem, you can usually count on your engineer friend to not only know how to fix it, but to get all excited about fixing it.

Cool hobbies: I don’t know an engineer who hasn’t had an extreme hobby: rock climbing, mountain biking, windsurfing, speedboat racing, dirt biking, sailing, or skiing.

Read through this blog to find out other awesome (and maybe slightly more technical) things that engineers do on a day to day basis. I’ll outline my work thus far and how fun it can be.