Ruling the World

Despite popular belief that engineers are socially awkward, nervous types, we may have some advantages you don’t yet know about.

Access to insider information: We have a lot of information right at our fingertips. We are experts at sifting through long, horrible documents for that one gem. We can tell you the fastest, cheapest, most efficient way to do almost anything…and you don’t even have to ask. We usually like to volunteer that kind of stuff.

Love of all things mechanical: If you have a problem, you can usually count on your engineer friend to not only know how to fix it, but to get all excited about fixing it.

Cool hobbies: I don’t know an engineer who hasn’t had an extreme hobby: rock climbing, mountain biking, windsurfing, speedboat racing, dirt biking, sailing, or skiing.

Read through this blog to find out other awesome (and maybe slightly more technical) things that engineers do on a day to day basis. I’ll outline my work thus far and how fun it can be.

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